Urban Ministry Internships

Dehoney Center internships offer students a unique opportunity during their studies at Southern Seminary to explore urban ministry roles, gain valuable experience, and serve either one or two semesters alongside an experienced urban ministry leader. Every student considering ministry in a city or metropolitan region should consider an internship before graduation.

For more information, contact the Dehoney Center Staff at urbantraining@sbts.edu

Training Opportunities

If you’re working in an urban context, or even if you’re considering missions in the city, preparation is essential. The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary offers training in urban ministry and mission for every level of involvement and education. From undergraduate to doctoral programs, SBTS has something to sharpen your ministry.

For more information, follow one of the links below or contact the Dehoney Center at urbantraining@sbts.edu or 502.897.4108.

Boyce College — undergraduate degree programs in biblical studies and missions

Billy Graham School Missions, Evangelism, and Ministry — Master’s degree programs in missions, evangelism, church planting, and urban ministry

Doctoral Programs — The Graham School also offers a Doctor of Ministry in Urban Ministry, as well as the Doctor of Missiology and Ph.D. degrees.