Ministry takes place in context, and every city has its own personality, opportunities, and challenges. Each issue of the Journal of Urban Ministry will feature a snapshot view of an urban center.

“The City of Brotherly Love,” Philadelphia, is home to the Liberty Bell and Philly cheesesteaks. Philadelphia is one of only three cities to remain in the list of the top ten largest cities in America since 1910. With a population today of just under 1.5 million and a metropolitan area of over 5 million, it ranks sixth on the list of the largest US cities. Not all the 1.5 million, however, eat cheesesteaks or visit the Liberty Bell. Like all cities, Philadelphia is diverse — it includes prostitutes and the homeless, addicts and the affluent, those fortunate and the fortuneless. Many in The City of Brotherly Love hunger for food, attention, or hope. 21.6% are below the poverty level, compared to the 12.7% national average. Philadelphia is one of six Northeast cities that make up the most unchurched 25% of the American population. Pray for Philadelphia, and consider visiting Philadelphia for leisure and ministry.